Get Peace of Mind for Your Business!

We all know what living a life centered around Zumba® is like—we dance! And when we aren’t dancing, we’re thinking about it. But for Zumba® Instructors, there’s one additional big thing to think about: managing their business and classes. That’s why I am an Ambassador for MINDBODY and am proud to share my experience on their behalf.

I am a Zumba® Instructor in Colombia. I also have an MBA, so when I opened Studio Sound, the first independent studio dedicated to Zumba® in Colombia, it was a combination of all of my passions.

Over time, Studio Sound has grown to host more than 250 sessions each month, which made me realize how badly I needed help managing my business both in and out of the office. I used to rely on three different software systems: one to manage my student’s reservations and cancellations; one that controlled payroll and staff scheduling; and a third for Point of Sale purchases at the studio. One day, Zumba® introduced me to MINDBODY and I decided to give it a shot. After I tried it, I couldn’t stop. It so easily integrated everything that I was relying on three software systems to do, but in one super easy to use program. Because of MINDBODY, it has become so much easier to manage my business and clientele and to feel successful as director of my small company.

Since switching, I am more organized and my students rave about the software, too. At first, the changes were challenging for my students and staff, but after training them, it would be impossible for them to live without MINDBODY.

I travel to different parts of the world teaching Zumba® classes, and I don’t know if I could run my business the way I’m doing it now if it wasn’t for MINDBODY. I love that I can pull reports from the software no matter where I am in the world. You have no idea the peace of mind that comes with that, especially when I have exciting things I want to focus on like the 2015 Zumba Convention! That’s why I’m so excited to share with you a special deal that MINDBODY is offering just to Zumba instructors:

  • If you’ve never used MINDBODY before and just need it for yourself (i.e., no additional instructors), you can get three months free.
  • If you have additional instructors (or plan to grow to that point), you’ll get 20% off your subscription for life.

You can learn more about MINDBODY by visiting or stop by their booth at Convention!



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