Get Daddy Yankee’s Newest Hot Track

You all know and love reggaeton mega-star Daddy Yankee. You’ve probably danced to his huge hit ‘Shaky Shaky’ in a Zumba® class. And, more than likely, you’re craving some new DY music. Today is your lucky day.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Daddy Yankee is back and dropping our new instant-favorite hot track, called ‘Hula Hoop’. And Zumba is the official global partner to launch this hit worldwide! As a thank you to all the Zumba fans who are loyal Daddy Yankee followers and who help bring his music to the top, only we have the official Zumba choreography to go along with ‘Hula Hoop’. Check it out above. We bet you can’t listen to this song without shaking your hips. Seriously, it is just that addicting.

A little background about ‘Hula Hoop’: the hook was originally including in a remake of ‘Shaky Shaky’. Fans from around the world loved it so, so much that they begged Daddy Yankee to build on that hook and turn it into its own track. And thus, ‘Hula Hoop’ was born.

Students: we’re sure we won’t have to ask you twice, but ask your Zumba Instructor to play this in class ASAP!

ZINs: hurry over to ZIN™ Now to get the track and the choreography for free today!



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