FOMO Led Me to Being a Fitness Instructor

“My partner Tana took his first Zumba class in 2010 and fell in love with the music and the dance moves. I remember he came home that evening and blasted my ears off, saying I would love it and that I had to come to the next class. But back then, I had no interest. I was overweight and lazy. I had no motivation or drive. I declined Tana’s offer and continued to lay on the couch, watching TV.

Over time, I started taking notice of the weight Tana was losing. He was so bubbly, bouncy, energetic, and getting so fit. I also was seeing Zumba everywhere on social media and I started to feel left out. I thought to myself, ‘The time is now’.

So, one Friday night, I decided I was finally going to take a class. And what do you know? I completely fell in love with the Zumba program! The vibes, the sweat, the beats, the ZLove…Tana’s passion embraced mine!

We quickly realized that Zumba is about a dance party, and everyone is in class just to have fun. So, we both became licensed Zumba Instructors and we successfully teach 5 classes a week. We’ve seen about 15 of our students become Instructors themselves, and we hold those moments so close to our hearts because we love seeing this community grow across New Zealand.

Tana and I feel amazing. We are changing lives and empowering people to be fit, without giving up fun. And together, we’ve lost over 110 pounds!”

Rudy Roebeck, licensed Zumba® Instructor, spreading love all over New Zealand alongside partner Tana



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