Five So Bootyful Workouts

header It’s been the subject matter of many billboard hits and even has its own Instagram selfie hashtag (#belfie). With celebrities like JLo and Kim Kardashian proudly sporting their backside for the paparazzi’s delight, it’s no wonder that CNN declared 2013 “the year of the butt” (note there was a 58% increase in buttock enhancement surgery as well). A quick Google search on butt exercises and the exhaustive list of results only confirms that we are one nation under…gluteus maximus obsession.

We’ve sifted through the most popular list of at-home bootyfying workouts and listed some of our booty sculpting, badonkadonk lifting, rump shakin’ favorites that will leave your glutes burning (and definitely turning heads).

1_21. Squats

These are a booty-shaping staple. Stand tall and spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend knees and lower your body, making sure that your knees don’t extend over your toes. It helps to push your hips back. If you have trouble with the form, you can practice by standing against a wall with a medicine ball behind your back. Bend down keeping the ball between you and the wall making sure you keep an eye on those knees.

2. Curtsy Squats

This is the trifecta of squat variations. In addition to targeting the glutes, it targets the outer thighs and quads. Cross one leg behind the other, like you are doing a curtsy. Bring the leg that is behind all the way to the ground. Make sure you are not twisting the forward leg as you squat. Repeat with the opposite leg.

3. Hip-Lift Progression

After a series of standing exercises, floor moves seem like a much-needed break. But there’s no resting when it comes to the hip-lift progression. Lie on your back and extend your arms to the side for leverage. Bend your knees and secure your feet on the ground. Lift your hips up towards the sky and hold for 1 count (or longer if you’d like) and back down again. For an extra challenge, extend one leg up as you lift. Progression makes perfection!4

4. Standing Leg Lift/Raise

This move targets booty and abs. And who doesn’t want some rockin’ abs to match a nice behind? Stand with your feet six inches apart and shift the weight to your right leg. Stabilize your core and hold on to a railing or chair, if needed. Extend your left leg up and hold for several counts. Return the leg to the ground and repeat. 5

5. Leg Lift/Raise

If you’re looking for a highly targeted tush-toning move, the Leg Lift Raise is where it’s at. Start with your hands and knees on the floor, making sure your hands are under your shoulders and knees are under your hips. Lift one leg up, keeping it bent at a 90-degree angle and squeeze your glutes. Return knee to the ground and repeat.

Tell us about your favorite booty sculpting exercise below.

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