My Fitness Instructor is Truly Amazing

“To know him is to love him. Some consider him a living saint. He is a natural leader. He is a professional dancer. An amazing teacher. An encouraging mentor. His name is John Michael Layseca Montes and he is my Zumba Instructor.

So much thought, time, research, passion, and love goes into each choreography and into each dance. Every time. He’s right there with his students – helping, encouraging, entertaining, smiling, and sweating it out. Taking Zumba classes with him is like human ecstasy.

It could just stop at the amazing classes he teaches, but he is also a humanitarian. He brightens the lives of children who are burn victims, orphans, poor, or have cancer. He brings smiles to their little innocent faces even when some have forgotten how to smile. And he does it all out of his own pocket.

John is such an incredible person and I am so fortunate to have him in my life. There is nothing like the high after taking his class. We all love him so much and celebrate his birthday each “John-u-ary”. I just had to let the world know about my favorite Zumba Instructor.”

–       Rosemary Allen; avid follower of John’s Zumba® classes; was inspired to become an instructor herself

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