This Fitness Celeb is Becoming a Total STRONG by Zumba® Pro

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New non-dance, high-intensity, music-led exercise class STRONG by Zumba® is picking up steam by the minute. We recently teamed up with some amazing athletes and fitstagrammers to collaborate on new moves set to amazing music for STRONG by Zumba, and one of our stars has been perfecting her routines. Check out Michelle Lewin, who just posted a STRONG by Zumba video to her more than 12 million followers! We were dying to know a bit more about the Instagram star, so she gave us a sneak peek into what motivates her to work out:

Michelle Lewin, 31, South Beach
Favorite post-workout meal: Ahi Poke
Favorite STRONG by Zumba move: Elbow Strike
Go-to work-out music: EDM
Preferred exercise hairdo: Pony tail or boxer braids
Favorite body part
to work out: GlutesBest way to get motivated for a kick-ass workout: A good night’s sleep!