Finding My Light at the End of the Tunnel

“Back in 2011, I fell into a huge depression. After losing a friend to a heart attack at age 39, getting married followed by a divorce on our first anniversary, and then losing my father, I hit the ground pretty low. For the first time ever, I did not understand life. I was not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


Having been an actress and singer for 13 years, I knew I needed to bring music back into my world. Looking for dance classes one morning, I decided to try a Zumba class. At first, I danced in a little corner at the back of the class. But the energy of the class made such a difference in my world. After two weeks, I started making my way closer to the front row.


After three months of taking classes, I decided to get licensed as an instructor. I finished my training on a Sunday and sent resumes and letters out the next day. By Tuesday, the phone started ringing and it did not stop for 7 weeks! Within 6 months, I was teaching 10-12 classes a week. Within one year, I hit a huge milestone from a financial standpoint: I was able to become a fist-time condo owner.


Thanks to Zumba classes, I’ve realized that working with people was primal for me. I’ve learned to be open to every opportunity, to be ready to redefine myself and be open to changes, and to always put human connections first.


I am so thankful that life put me on this journey.”


– Véronique Pierre, licensed Zumba® Instructor celebrating her 5th anniversary in the Zumba family


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