Fell In Love With My Zumba Instructor!

Lily Bacho was an AFAA certified group fitness instructor teaching a variety of classes when she got the call to substitute a Zumba class. She had never attended a Zumba class, but that call prompted her to sign up for the first Zumba training available in her area. Known for her Latin dance skills and Cuban heritage, Lily figured the Zumba program would be a perfect blend of her dance and fitness background.

Soon after her training, Lily began teaching classes and built up a devoted following. One student in particular was especially dedicated, and while Lily’s class attracted several male participants, Rodney was the only male student who never missed a class.

Rodney recalled, “I did not think the Zumba program was for me, but the instructor was this beautiful Cuban woman, who made the gym echo with vibrant music, and my only way to impress the instructor was to take her class.  I stepped in my first Zumba class with her, and walked out with two loves of my life: my wife and Zumba fitness.” 

Today, Rodney is also a licensed instructor and he and Lily share the stage together as husband and wife. They also recently welcomed a baby boy!

“My little family is everything to me, and it all started with Zumba fitness,” said Lily. “It’s crazy to think this incredible journey all started by mistake, or as they might say in the Zumba world, ‘a spontaneous solo’.”



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