Everything You Missed At The Biggest Dance-Fitness Event Of The Year

If you were one of the 7,500 Zumba® Instructors who attended ZINCON 2017, you know that it was the experience of a lifetime. New friends, killer performances, learning opportunities, celebrity appearances… and a lot of amazing Zumba® classes!

 If you’re an instructor who wasn’t there or a student who hasn’t gotten your B1 license to teach just yet, here’s a recap of the experience so you can get ready for next year!

Kick-off session: On day one of ZINCON, there’s always an inspiring welcome session that provides updates on what’s new, celebrates amazing members of the Zumba® community, and gets us ready for ZINCON with exciting performances.

 Mario Lopez was this year’s emcee, and the show kicked off with a performance by viral sensation Backpack Kid, who was joined on stage by kids from CARE Elementary School, an academy that provides education to students from low-income areas of Miami, Florida. Everybody was flossin’ through that performance!

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Pulse Nightclub survivor Angel Colon, who was a special guest at ZINCON 2016, returned to the stage this year to present Yolie Cintron with the first ever Angel Diversity Scholarship, named after fellow ZIN and Pulse Nightclub victim Angel Candelario-Padro. Through the scholarship, Yolie will receive resources and support to continue doing amazing things for her community.

Trinidadian superstar Machel Montano closed the Kick-off Session. With such an electric welcome to ZINCON, you knew the weekend was going to be truly special.

Trainings, Jams, and Flavors: The opportunities to get material for your classes are endless at ZINCON. Some people choose to get licensed in a specialty, like Zumba® Kids or Gold. Others go to Jam Sessions

or “flavors” to learn choreo and new rhythms and styles that can be used in their classes right away. Not to mention, ZINCON gives you the opportunity to take sessions taught by incredibly talented and well-known educators and presenters. Perhaps you brought out your inner Beyoncé with Henry Cedeño’s ‘Queen B Experience’, or maybe Z-lebrities like Gina Grant, Dahrio Wonder, Heidy and Armando introduced a little hip-hop into your life.  No matter what, we all had one big takeaway: inspiration.

Zumba® Store: There’s Z wear as far as the eye can see at ZINCON. The massive Zumba Wear store is where attendees shopped over 250 styles not yet available to the public, including bra tops, leggings, footwear, shirts, and accessories! Although there were over 200,000 units in inventory, some favorites were snatched up in the blink of an eye.

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 Fitness concert: Arguably the best concert you’ll ever go to, the fitness concert is the ultimate Zumba® class. Led by none other than Beto himself, you’ll dance along with your favorite Zumba Stars, featuring live performances by major recording artists like Max PizzolanteFanny LuJencarlos, Red Eye Crew, and Machel Montano. Heidy and Armando gave a super-hot live performance of Zumba class hit song ‘Bailalo’. Oh, and the 2017 headliner was Daddy Yankee and It. Was. Amazing.

 Theme Party: The last night of ZINCON is marked by a massive party to celebrate all we’ve learned, new friendships, and big plans for the coming year. Imagine a party with 7,500 Zumba® besties. This year’s theme was ‘The Golden Ages’ and the costumes were out of control! We spotted Medusa, Zumba Specialty Trophies, Golden Statues, Greek Gods and Goddesses, and tons of mythical creatures all within mere feet of each other. ‘Nuff said.

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 STRONG By Zumba®: If you haven’t discovered it yet, 7,500 Instructors had the chance to take trainings and master classes with STRONG By Zumba Lead Master Trainer Ai Lee Syarief. The energy was incredible as attendees squatted, planked, jumped, and kicked their way through this high-intensity class. It was so infectious, that even emcee Mario Lopez got in on the action!

 Everything Else: There’s a good time waiting around every corner at ZINCON. Whether you’re getting freebies from sponsors (hello photo shoots, soft serve fruit, heating pads, massages, and tons more!), dancing along to demo classes in the hallways, or running into Beto taking selfies, there is truly never a dull moment. Plus, the Zumba Social Media team made sure you were part of all the fun with #ZINCON, and they even had a booth set up to give you free tips to grow you social channels! There’s so much to get out of the ZINCON experience, that it’s almost unbelievable.

 Save the dates! ZINCON 2018 will be July 26-29 in sunny Orlando, Florida. We’ll see you there!


Jennifer Lauren

Jennifer Lauren is a Zumba® instructor from New York. She blogs about teaching Zumba® classes and all things fitness at www.TheZBeat.com.



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