Encouraged By My Daughter’s Wedding

“In 2010, when my daughter announced that she would be getting married in 2012, I knew I could not have a photo taken as mother of the bride looking like I did. As I was very overweight, I had to make a change. So, my daughter Helen encouraged us to take a Zumba class and by the time she got married, I had lost over 100 pounds. I was proud of what I had achieved and that I was able to wear a dress I felt comfortable in.  This feeling was enhanced when family and friends commented on how much fitter and happier I looked. Another huge emotional moment for me was taking my granddaughter, Lily, swimming. No longer did I wrap a towel around myself and try and slip into the water unnoticed. I held her hand and walked confidently into the pool, no longer feeling this was my ‘walk of shame’. My life has truly been transformed.”

– Gillian Jenkins; has lost 193 pounds with the help of the Zumba® program; no longer hiding behind baggy clothes and sweats 

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