I Don’t Need to Hear the Music to Feel it in my Heart

“I’d like to tell you about my student, Mikey Krajnak. At least that is his legal, written English name. His deaf name is DEAF READ BEAR. In case it isn’t obvious already, he is a deaf man. A few years ago, he kept reading my Zumba posts on Facebook and saw a post about a friend who had lost 100 pounds. Well, at that time, Mikey was over 300 pounds. He had been overweight his whole life. He wrote to me asking if I thought he could take a Zumba class, even though he is deaf. I, of course, said yes! I am fluent in American Sign Language, but I do not need to sign to communicate to my students. I told him with the rhythm in his heart, he’ll be just fine.


Fast forward to a few years later: Mikey has completely changed his life. He’s a regular student in my classes, he’s changed his diet, had gastric sleeve surgery, and has lost an incredible amount of weight. He has made so many friends and now has an entire Zumba community behind him. He inspires everyone every single time he is in class. And he’s even made up a sign for ‘Zumba’. So, you see, Zumba has nothing to do with hearing. It’s all about how you feel.”

Erika Wentworth; teaches Mikey Krajnak Zumba® classes and helps him release the music in his heart.

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