Do You Know These Zumba® Superstars?

Armando Salcedo and Heidy Torres are popular names in the world of Zumba Fitness. The Colombian couple brings so much flavor to their classes, you’ll think you were South American-born yourself! Read on to get to know the story behind their careers and their music.

ZLife: Armando, how did you and Heidy first meet?

Armando: Heidy and I met in Cartagena, Colombia, our birth city, when we were teenagers. Our lives crossed paths again in college when we were part of the same dancing group. But it wasn’t until we were adults, living in Bogota, that we started our relationship. In our 20 years as a couple, our professional dancing and singing careers have grown together, which strengthens our connection. Heidy and I can communicate just by looking into one another’s eyes.

ZLife: How did you first discover the Zumba program and what has your career path been like?

Armando + Heidy: We discovered it through [founder] Beto Perez, and we have been on board ever since. As artists, we love music and love to dance. The Zumba program is the perfect combination of our passions for singing and dancing.

ZLife: Why do you love teaching together?

Armando + Heidy: Well, it started because people were requesting that we teach together. They actually started calling us “Armando and Heidy, The Connection”. It’s beautiful to work with the person you love and to travel around the world together. It’s a lot of fun. Plus, having our son with us is the best experience.

ZLife: Your new song, Pa’l Piso, is all about breaking it down on the dance floor. What is it about dance that you love so much?

Armando + Heidy: This song was an idea from ZIN™ member Dafne De Frias in the Dominican Republic. We knew it would be great. We’ve both been dancing since 5 or 6 years of age. It’s amazing to share our passion with a crowd of people moving along with us. We hear the music and all our problems go away. It’s our therapy.

ZLife: What inspires the music you make together?

Armando + Heidy: Mostly our fellow Zumba Instructors and students. We make music for people that love to dance in class. For our first song “PeGa PeGa”, we actually created the choreography first, and then the music. “My GenTe” was inspired by the Zumba community around the whole world. We made “Jumping” about the energy you feel in a class. You can visit our site,, to hear it all!

ZLife: What do you guys do for fun when you’re not dancing, singing, or teaching Zumba classes?

Armando + Heidy: We enjoy our life with our son. Exploring South Florida, going to the movies, cooking for our friends. We spend a lot of time with our friends, they are our family here in Miami.



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