From Depressed and Overweight to Finding My Life’s Purpose

“In 2009, I suffered a really bad breakup and lost myself in depression. It was a really bad time for me. I was overweight, I was unhappy, and I was in distress. I discovered the Zumba game at home on my Wii and fell in love instantly. I found it to be my outlet, so I kept pushing myself every day. Within a year, I had lost 68 pounds just from dancing in my living room and I’ve been able to keep the weight off for all these years.

Recently, I was working at a job that I was miserable at and it triggered my depression back again. I was seeing a therapist every other week and being prescribed medicine. I decided to muster up the courage to take a training and become licensed to teach Zumba classes.

After I was licensed in 2016, I was still working that stressful job and not pursuing my life’s purpose, which I believe is to be a Zumba Instructor. They say when God tells you to move, either you listen or He will take everything away from you. Well, I didn’t listen. I lost my job, I lost my car, I lost my apartment – I basically lost everything and had to move back home.

It was time to put my license to teach Zumba to work. I found a position to teach at our local YMCA and I am in such a better state of mind, I am happy with my career, and I am so happy that I inspire people. I have big dreams that I know will be accomplished and I am ready to make my mark in the world!”

– Tamara Boles, licensed Zumba® Instructor; finally living her true passion

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