Dedicated To My Zumba Instructors

“I want to share how my Zumba Instructors, Marlene Calderon and Mony Macias, are changing lives, including mine. I am from Chihuahua, Mexico and I am so proud that I can call these amazing women my instructors, my friends, and part of my family.

The moment you step into their studio, you can immediately feel good vibes and a great energy. Marlene and Mony always have a smile for every person who walks through their door. And they spread that energy to charities all across the city, supporting the community we call home.

Marlene and Mony have helped friends of mine lose weight, quit smoking, and all around feel better about themselves.

For me, Marlene and Mony helped me feel alive again. When I lost my mother eight years ago, it was as if I was dead inside. I felt like a robot. I had no motivation to do anything. But, I’ll never forget the moment that I smiled again for absolutely no reason. It was because of them. Marlene and Mony made me feel happiness inside once again. I will always, always be grateful for the love and passion they have shared with me.”

-Dayenari Molina, Zumba® student; found her smile within Marlene and Mony’s studio walls

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