Dancing With Diabetes

“It was as a small child that I slipped into a month and a half long coma. When I awoke, I was told I was diabetic and had to begin the process of learning to walk, talk and function again. I quickly learned how precious and amazing life is. Being a type 1 diabetic for the last 40+ years, I have never let the disease stop me from living my life. I have worked full time since the age of 17. I have been happily married to the woman of my dreams for the past 19 years. I hold 4 black belts in 4 different Martial Arts. I play guitar, am a photographer and love my life.

My wife Lee Ann and I had heard about Zumba from my sister-In-law, so when a class started just a block from our house, we had to give it a try. After only one class, we were hooked. Five years later, we are still out on the dance floor four times a week. Our instructor, Heather Slot is a fireball who’s enthusiasm and abilities keep us coming back for more. Our Zumba family at Z-Brantford  keeps us motivated, inspired and has given us some wonderful, lifelong friendships.

As far as being a 45 year old diabetic, the Zumba program has been a perfect way for me to stay active, keep my blood sugars in check, and avoid many of the complications that come with being diabetic for 40+ years. I’ve had a few doctors disbelieve that I am a diabetic when we first met, due in large part to the active, healthy lifestyle that the Zumba program has helped to promote in our lives. This diabetic plans on continuing to love life and be healthy for a long, long time to come.”

-Robert Yourth; avid Zumba student; managing diabetes one ‘Beto Shuffle’ at a time

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