Dancing Through Religious Barriers

Desperate to get into shape after having 4 kids Maria thought Zumba Fitness would be the perfect solution for her weight loss woes; but what she didn’t know is that the program would become so much more.

Maria Morales was born in Nicaragua and grew up in Miami before moving to Raleigh at 10 years old. Raised Catholic, Maria and her mom converted to Islam shortly after moving to North Carolina. She was often questioned about wearing a scarf and working out, but her Muslim beliefs encourage women to take care of their bodies, physically and mentally.

“Zumba Fitness has changed my life for the best and my scarf does not get in the way of that—I can still cover my body and have a good time—it’s another form of expression. “It doesn’t matter how bad I feel. For that one hour, I forget everything and just dance my heart out!”

Maria tries to share the Zumba love with everyone in her life and often brings friends and family to class. She encourages them to, “Just try it! Even if you think you have no rhythm or coordination, you might just fall in love!” According to Maria, “Con Zumba la vida es mas sabrosa!”



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