Dancing Through a Tornado

“This past Christmas, I was visiting my parents in Texas for the holidays. On December 26th, we were getting ready to head to dinner when tornado alerts began to hit our town of Rowlett. Because we have no basements, we moved to the center of the living room away from windows. The power went out and all you could hear was the funnel cloud getting closer. My mother was so nervous, so I put on my Zumba playlist and we started dancing in the middle of the room, just to lighten up the mood. All I could think of was if this was my time to go, at least I’m with my family doing what I love to do most. 

After the storm passed, we saw all the destruction the tornado had caused. By some miracle, we were okay. When I was able to access my phone again, I had over 400 people from the Zumba community reach out to me to ensure that we were okay. EVERYONE sent their love, even from places as far away as Scotland. My heart was so full from the love and well wishes, it was quite amazing. Talk about the power of healing. Even in the most horrific situation, my Zumba family comes together to make sure everyone pulls through. In the face of a storm, dancing through a Zumba class can still make me smile.”

-Karen McManus, licensed Zumba® Instructor since 2014; dances and smiles, no matter the situation 

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