Dancing Helps My Mom With Alzheimer’s

“My mom has been battling dementia and Alzheimer’s for five years now. I am her caretaker, and she has forgotten my name. In her eyes, I am no longer her daughter, but more like a mother. It breaks my heart to see her deteriorate but I still keep a positive attitude because at least she is here, with me.

It gets very difficult because she gets these incredible crying spurts and starts crying hysterically and there is no controlling her. As a Zumba Instructor, I receive monthly ZIN volumes with new music and choreography. When I received ZIN 67 featuring Zumba Education Specialist Steve Boedt, I decided to play it for my mom. Surprisingly, she got so happy and forgot whatever was bothering her in her mind. I can play this DVD for her 20 times a day and each time it’s like she sees it for the first time. She’ll listen and dance along and it is a miracle.

My mom’s sister took me on the first Zumba Cruise to get me away from my day to day craziness. I saw Steve and told him the story about my mom and how his dancing has helped her. He took the time to send a video message to my mom via my phone. I was totally touched by his genuine kindness, sincerity, and concern for my story. My mom loved it! She’ll kiss the phone, thinking she is kissing Steve, and she immediately gets into a happy state.

I am not sure how much longer I will have with my mom before she gets into a more aggressive state, but I have been so blessed to be a member of the Zumba family and the kind hearted souls that are part of it. I can’t thank Steve Boedt and Zumba enough for helping my mom with this horrible disease. You have touched my mom in such a positive, inspiring, and loving way!”

Janet Vasquez, licensed Zumba® Instructor; believes in the true power of dance

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