Dance to This New Hot Track with William and Izzy

Music is a pretty amazing thing. In a matter of seconds, a certain lyric, note, or rhythm can instantly transport you to another place and time. Music can spark a memory so strong that you actually feel like you’re back there, living in that moment. If you think about it, music is a true vessel for time travel and that’s one of the reasons it is so universally loved.


One song that brings us back to the good old days is Oscar Prince Ft. Bip’s smash hit, “Champetua”. This song will never, ever get old for us and hopefully you feel the same way!


Now, we’re pretty sure you wanna dance at a Zumba® class once or a million times, so check out Zumba® Instuctors William Villaseñor and Izzy Cervantes teaching you some fierce moves to this Colombian Champeta track.




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