Dance To Steve Aoki’s First-Ever Spanish Language Track

Confession: while we think we are pretty good at dreaming up hot musical collaborations, there are some that we just never see coming! Case in point – legendary EDM producer Steve Aoki just teamed up with Daddy Yankee, Elvis Crespo, and Play-N-Skillz for his first-ever Spanish language track. If this isn’t evidence that the cross-over market has a HUGE future, we don’t know what is!

‘Azukita’, the blazing hot song from these equally on-fire artists, came as a result of a face-time call between the artists, if you can believe it (read more about that here). It’s a perfect marriage of reggaeton and merengue flavors and EDM vibes. We are totally loving it and hope this is the first of many similar hits to come.

Just above, check out the official Zumba® choreography to ‘Azukita’, taught by Zumba Education Specialists™ Sandra Harnes and Vicky Zagarra. Then, ask your instructor to play the full version in your next Zumba class – they can download it off of ZIN 73! This one is breathing life into us!

Show off your dance moves to #Azukita on social – we wanna see what you’ve got!


Susan Perez

Susan Perez is the Managing Editor of the ZLife blog and you can usually find her getting her sass on to Beyonce's 'Formation' in Zumba class; other loves include eating popcorn while watching 'The Voice', singing [really badly] at the top of her lungs while driving, and wearing red lipstick.



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