Why I Dance for my Best Friend

“Six years ago, I lost my best friend Jelena. We were two bodies with one soul. For the two of us, dancing was like the air we breathed. Her death threw me to the ground, smashed me, and made me a different person. I was heartbroken. I stopped going out. I stopped dancing.

One day it hit me: It was selfish of me to stop enjoying my life. Selfish to Jelena, who no longer had that opportunity! I should continue enjoying my life and dancing for the both of us, so that she could live through me.

I began going to Zumba classes, and it helped me deal with my depression. I started to appreciate life, health, and the possibility that I can do with my life what I want. I started to be grateful to exist and be happy. This is why I became a Zumba Instructor. Now, I feel like I can breathe again!

Being a Zumba Instructor has changed my life so much that I quit my job as a lawyer in order to teach classes full-time. I love sharing positive energy with all my students – they are my heartbeat!

If you listen to your heart and your intuition, you will discover your real self. It is the most beautiful feeling. You don’t know what tomorrow brings, so today is the day to live your life to the fullest and do what you truly love.”

Tamara Filipovic Ljubenovic, licensed Zumba® Instructor in Serbia; through her greatest heartbreak, discovered her truest passion

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