I Couldn’t Stop Gaining Weight

“I’ve always been an active girl. In high school, I ran track, played volleyball, was a cheerleader, and loved rollerblading, skating, and playing basketball. I’m 30 years old, 5’2”, and have always been athletically built, but never overweight.

After I had my first son, my body went right back to my normal weight of 125 pounds. But after my second pregnancy, it wasn’t the same. Two months after I gave birth, even though I was working out constantly, I found myself at 198 pounds. That was very abnormal for me and it was the most I had ever weighed in my whole life. I felt so unattractive, unwanted, unhealthy, and just overall depressed. I remember crying so much because I felt like I was working so hard, but the weight just wasn’t coming off.

I finally went to see my doctor and found out that the reason for this weight gain was that I had thousands of gallstones in my gallbladder. I had to receive a laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery, which was a really scary experience for me. A month after my recovery, I went back to working on my body.

I was searching for a full body workout that was fun, because the treadmill was getting old and boring. In 2013, I attended a Zumba class for the first time. I sweat so much and it was amazingly fun! I lost 20 pounds within a few weeks and couldn’t believe how the weight was just melting off. I even purchased the game for Wii and danced every single day at home, having the best time.

Zumba classes have been my therapy and my happiness each day. If I had a bad day, I knew I could look forward to a class at the end of it. My confidence is back, I feel beautiful, I feel healthy, and I just feel so happy. A couple of months ago, I became licensed to teach Zumba and I can’t wait to spread the word!”

-Amanda Bishop, licensed Zumba® Instructor; was given a second chance at life through the Zumba program and looks forward to touching other people’s lives

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