Confidence is Key

Losing weight? Here are a few ways to boost your confidence during your weight-loss journey.
1. Adjust your attitude. Confidence comes from within, so give careful consideration to how you talk to yourself. Ditch the negative talk and replace it with affirming statements. You can even begin each day by looking in the mirror and speaking a glass-half-full observation. Repeat this observation to yourself throughout the day.
2. Move your body. This may seem obvious; after all, you’re probably already exercising if you’re losing weight. But exercise releases endorphins, which affects your mood and, ultimately, how you feel about yourself. Plus, you’ll gain a sense of accomplishment with each workout you complete.
3. Buddy up. Partner with someone who’s also looking to lose weight, and you’ll be able to regularly encourage each other. You can offer each other the aforementioned affirming statements, and you’ll have someone to exercise with. It’s inevitable that you will motivate and encourage each other.
4. Go the extra mile … with your appearance, that is. While we don’t believe that old “Saturday Night Live” adage that “it’s better to look good than to feel good,” it is true that if you look good, you’ll feel more confident. Take care with your attire, your makeup and your hair, and you’ll feel better about yourself. Plus, you’ll garner compliments, which will boost your confidence.
5. Track your progress. Keep journals chronicling your progress. When you feel your self-esteem waning, look back over how far you’ve come. The more confident you feel, the more likely you will be to stick with your weight-loss plan. Good luck!

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