‘Choreographed Dance’ Ranks Higher Than Indoor Cycling Amongst Americans


According to fitness and sports experts and the organizations that track such data*, “Choreographed Dance Exercise” was the 21st-most popular activity in America in a 2015 survey of all activities in which Americans participated.

Of course, if you’re reading these words you already know the benefits of dance, in the form of Zumba® classes, but it’s also nice to know that you’re among the millions who have selected this vigorous, fun, and uplifting fitness regime.

It’s also fun to be able to gloat a bit when challenged by your friends touting their participation in tennis (ranked 25th), indoor group cycling (45th), Pilates (46th), or racquetball (79th).  In all, the annual survey measured 111 different activities.

The Zumba phenomenon is not only good for individuals and society, it’s also turning out to be good business.

“We continue to see more and more Zumba classes in fitness studios and even Zumba studios themselves opening,” said Josh Leve, founder and CEO of the Association of Fitness Studios (AFS).  “Without question the Zumba trend has ‘legs.’”

Equally as clear is the positive impact Zumba aficionados are having on healthcare in the U.S. where often the best method of dealing with the healthcare system is to avoid it.  Zumba enthusiasts are enjoying the mental, physical, and emotional benefits that accompany participation – certainly doing our part to combat the ever-growing obesity crisis.

“Dance exercise continues to hold a strong place in our annual measurement of physical activity in the U.S.” said Tom Cove, CEO of the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA).  “Clearly a significant segment of the American populace has chosen dance exercise as their fitness activity of choice.”

Below are the rankings of the Top Activities in the USA in 2015 or you can click here for the full list of 111 measured activities.

top 111-3*Sources: Physical Activity Council, PHIT America, Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), Sports Marketing Surveys


Chuck Leve

Chuck Leve is a 40-year veteran of the fitness industry and proven successful developer of fitness industryassociations. Currently he serves as the Executive Vice President of Business Development for the Association of Fitness Studios (AFS). He's been involved in the creation and development of some of the most successful trade associations in the history of the fitness industry.



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