Chino & Nacho – Me Voy Enamorando ft. Farruko + Choreography

There are few things better than songs that tell stories. But videos that bring those stories to life are the best. Which is why we are tearing up over Chino & Nacho’s ‘Me Voy Enamorando’, featuring Farruko. This song (and video) by the Venezuelan pop duo seriously gives us all the feels. Remember the first time you fell in love? Whether it was puppy love or the real deal, it’s a feeling you can never forget and this video is giving us all the reminders that we need. Ugh, it’s so beautiful. And it doesn’t hurt that you can dance to this song, either! Check out the choreo below by dancing duo (and couple) Natalia Salas and Italo Kiev and remember that love always wins.



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