Channel your Confidence with Amy Schumer’s New Flick “I Feel Pretty”

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Last weekend, funny girl Amy Schumer’s new movie I Feel Pretty hit theaters. The flick tells the story of Renee Bennett, a woman who is constantly questioning herself and struggling with self-esteem. After taking a big hit to the head, Renee wakes up feeling beautiful and is confident from head to toe, inside and out.

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I Feel Pretty isn’t just about Renee’s struggles. She starts dating a guy, played by the adorable Rory Scovel, who – wait for it – loves taking Zumba® classes! He feels self-conscious about his love of Zumba® but loves taking classes and tries to be as unapologetic about it  as possible. By the end of the movie, we see him truly representing his Zumba® pride in head-to-toe Zumba® Wear!

Zumba® is all about feeling great, taking care of yourself, and being proud of who you are. We love that the characters in I Feel Pretty get to feel that way, too! Confidence can do wonders…

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Check out the movie trailer below, and be sure to post photos of yourself feeling your most confident using the hashtag #FeelPretty – bonus points if you’re in your Zumba® Wear!


Jennifer Lauren

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