When Caribbean and Latin Rhythms Collide

Marcelo Cezan and Shaggy are two names you likely would not expect to hear in the same sentence. The Colombian actor and singer and the Jamaican-American reggae star are highly regarded in their own rights, but their music is vastly different and not often mixed together. Until now.

Marcelo recently created his next hit, ‘Projimita’, and thanks to the power of Zumba and the connection we make with musical artists around the world, a collaboration was born.

“It was great meeting Marcelo at the 2016 Zumba Convention when Beto Perez introduced us,” explains Shaggy. “After sending me the single ‘Projimita’, I felt the vibe and knew together we could take it global. We always strive to make global hits!”

Check out these instructors rocking out to ‘Projimita’ and ask your Zumba® Instructors to play it in your next class! Psssst – ZINs: you can find this exclusive song on ZIN 68!