Can Flaxseed Prevent Breast Cancer?

You may be familiar with flaxseeds – the pods that come from the flax plant, which is grown and used for a variety of things like producing oils, nutritional supplements, and even linens and bed sheets.

Flaxseeds are commonly used by the health-conscious-minded because they contain omega-3 fatty acids, an important nutrient with a myriad of health benefits (think improvements in mental health, aging, and even metabolism). But, there’s a new potential benefit to a daily intake of flaxseeds that is now catching the attention of scientists and researchers worldwide: it may help to prevent breast cancer.

Animal studies looked at an ingredient in flaxseed (lignan) to see the effect it would have on breast cancer. The results suggest that flaxseeds may decrease the growth of certain types of breast tumors.

Few human trials currently exist to study the effects of flaxseeds on women, but Zumba and Susan G. Komen have teamed together to form the Zumba Global Research Grant for Breast Cancer Prevention, which raises funds for exactly this type of study.

The trial is currently underway and we are hopeful that the results will be positive.

While there is no confirmation that there is a correlation between flaxseeds and a decrease in tumor growth, the ingredient’s many health benefits may make it a wise choice to add to your daily regimen. Sprinkle it over your cereal or try it in a Zumba Shake Shake Shake™ recipe, found below!




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