Bruno Mars ‘Finesse’ ft. Cardi B + Zumba® Choreography

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Nostalgia is soooo in right now. Hear me out. Take a look at the movies that have been released lately and the fashion hitting the streets. A reboot of ‘Baywatch’? Check. Chokers as the accessory of choice? Check. And now the nostalgia factor is hitting your music videos, courtesy of one magnificent Bruno Mars. His latest hit ‘Finesse’ is all the rage, but we also can’t get enough of his music video, which is a direct nod to ’90s TV show ‘In Living Color’. It’s so good. Featuring rap queen Cardi B, bright colored clothes, and no shortage of gold chains and hoops, the ‘Finesse’ video is our ’90s fantasy come true! Pretend to be your own music video star when you bust out a choreography to ‘Finesse’. Try Zumba® Jammer Tommy-Davis Ezedunor’s take on it and then tell your Zumba Instructor that you want to get down to it in class!



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