BIG NEWS: Meghan Trainor Launches ‘No Excuses’ Zumba® Choreography

Guys, what do you do when your pop star dreams come true? Like, literally, when a Grammy-award winning, multi-platinum singer and songwriter dances side by side with some of our favorite Zumba® Instructors? What do you do?? Aside from having a total freak out, we dance along!


We are talking about none other than Meghan Trainor. Yes, as in ‘All About That Bass’, ‘Lips Are Movin”, ‘Dear Future Husband’ Meghan! We’ve been a huge, huge fan of hers for so many years and it’s beyond awesome that now we get to rock her dance moves!


Meghan just released her brand new single, ‘No Excuses’ (obviously we’re obsessed) and she helped us to create official Zumba choreography to go along with the track. So cool, right? Watch as Meghan dances to ‘No Excuses’ alongside Zumba superstars Gina Grant and Loretta Bates. Directed by director and producer Tim Milgram, this video and Meghan‘s accompanying dance moves were inspired by her fierce, don’t-take-bs-from-anyone attitude and style.


Get yourself to a Zumba® class ASAP, because there’s no way you’re going to want to miss the chance to break down these moves on the dance floor. You literally have no excuse! Tell your Zumba Instructor that this full track and choreography are available on ZIN™ Now.



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