Artist Spotlight: WALK THE MOON

WALK THE MOON and Zumba recently partnered up to create an exclusive choreography to the band’s latest hit single, ‘Work This Body‘. We got the chance to chat with band members Nicholas Petricca, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Maiman to find out their inspiration for the ‘Work This Body’ music video, how they let loose on the road, and which of the 4 has the best dancing skills. Check it out below!

ZLife: How did WALK THE MOON become a band and get started?

WTM: It started as a project in college, but we soon realized the awesome potential we had and began booking our own tours in 2010.  Things really got moving when we made the music video for ‘Anna Sun’ – that’s when the industry got wind of us and we landed our first tours with bands like Grouplove, Fitz + The Tantrums, and Young The Giant.

ZLife: ‘Shut Up and Dance‘ was one of the biggest music hits in 2015; before you knew it, everyone was instantly singing the lyrics. What was this experience like?

WTM: We’ve always been the band known for our touring, our live shows… this past year is the first time any record of ours has sort of surpassed that, and it’s surreal.  Shut Up isn’t just national now, it’s global – and that’s the best part:  traveling the world and meeting people from so many different cultures.

ZLife: What was the inspiration behind your new music video for “Work This Body”?

WTM: We wrote ‘Work This Body’ about rising above our fears.  Basically, the world’s a scary place, but there are superheroes all around us.  Sometimes they’re our parents, sometimes our favorite band, a fitness instructor, a courageous politician.  Whatever form they take, we need people who use their powers for good, to lead the way and make the world a better place.  In the case of our music video, a little school kid becomes a superhero for a day, stands up to his bullies, and makes everyone think twice about the way they see the world.

ZLife: Both Zumba and WALK THE MOON are all about freedom of expression and empowerment. What do you hope to get out of this partnership for “Work This Body?”

WTM: The song – to us – is about taking what gets you down and using it to motivate you instead.  We want to empower people to rise above their fears and their perceived limitations to achieve whatever’s in their heart! 

ZLife: You guys have been together as a band for a while, which can be rare these days. What is one tip you could give an aspiring band on how to make it and follow in your successful footsteps? 

WTM: We always say that the best advice is just don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.  If you want something, get up and go for it.  Pour your energy and passion into whatever moves you and don’t look back.

ZLife: You guys love to dance. Where did that love come from and how does it translate into music?

WTM: It’s something we can’t help.  We all just get so much joy out of music and dancing is the most natural expression of that.  At our shows and on our records, we don’t tend to hold anything back – in a way I guess, by example, we’re giving our audience the permission to do the same.  We encourage folks to express themselves, let go of their insecurities, forget their fears.

 ZLife: So are you trying to inspire a movement with your fans?

WTM: YES.  Get out of your head and into your body!  Less brain, more storm!  Less talk, more rock!  


ZLife: Who’s the best dancer in the band? Who’s the worst dancer in the band?

WTM: Kevin definitely knows the most “moves” – he’s got a killer stanky leg.  The other three of us probably tie for last.

ZLife: How do you guys let loose when you’re on the road?

WTM: “Getting loose on the road” usually means relaxing, since the real party is on stage.  We’re avid Game of Thrones, Fargo, and Better Call Saul viewers.  We’re also always writing music, thinking about the next thing.

ZLife: What’s your favorite on-stage moment to date?

WTM: I’m sure this would be different for all of us, but one that definitely stands out is playing our own headlining show at Red Rocks last summer.  It was a perfect night.

ZLife: If you could team up with another musician, who would your dream collaboration be?

WTM: SUCH A TOUGH QUESTION!  Brandon Flowers and David Byrne would have to top the list, though.

ZLife: What is the best place you’ve ever performed?

WTM: We love playing in Japan.  The country is so beautiful and the culture is so interesting, plus we LOVE the food.  It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but Japan is definitely a stand out.





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