Apert Syndrome Does Not Get In The Way Of My Life

“I have a syndrome known as Apert. It is a genetic disorder that affects the way your skull grows, so it affects the head, fingers, toes, and face. But having this syndrome does not get in the way of living my life.

When I started taking Zumba classes, I absolutely loved it. So much so, that I wanted to make a career out of it, so I decided to become a licensed Zumba Instructor. I love every minute of it, especially the life-long friends I have made along the way. It’s really helped me with my social skills as well.

There have been times where I have struggled and thought about giving up my career. But I persevered because I love every minute of it. I’m glad I stuck with it because at this year’s Zumba Instructor Convention, I got to meet [Zumba creator] Beto and even got to dance on stage.

My advice to anybody who is thinking about becoming a Zumba Instructor is to go for it! Everyone can do it. With Apert Syndrome, there are no limits for me. I can do everything I set my mind to and boom! It happens.”

Jonathan Siebert; licensed Zumba® Instructor; lives life with zero limits

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