Anitta ‘Vai Malandra’ + Zumba® Choreography

Do you know Annita? She’s a Brazilian superstar (emphasis on super). Not only is she a singer, but she’s also a songwriter, actress, dancer, and record producer! Wow. Feeling lazy yet? We’re only kidding but when we say she inspires us, that is not a joke. We currently have her hit single ‘Vai Malandra’ on rotation on our playlists. Featuring Mc Zaac, Maejor ft. Tropkillaz, and DJ Yuri Martins, ‘Vai Malandra’ is a very cool, laid-back song with clear hip-hop influences. We’re loving it and we can’t wait to dance to it in our next Zumba® class! Check out Zumba® Jammer’s Jegatha Muralidharan’s take on the choreography and make sure you try it yourself!



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