A New Career at 58

Three years ago, Art Angelopoulos weighed more than he ever had and, at 28% body fat, was at risk for type II diabetes. With 25 years as an Aviation Police Sergeant at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport under his belt, he looked towards his future and discovered Zumba Fitness.

At age 58, Art has lost more than 85 pounds. But perhaps more life-altering is his new career. He has retired as a police sergeant and now makes a living as a licensed Zumba® Instructor.

“When I decided to change my life, I realized that I was given a gift to help people and have set my sights on inspiring others to make their lives better,” he says. “I am at my happiest in Zumba class. It doesn’t matter how bad I might feel before, as soon as the music starts, my body comes alive.”

And that is the reason Art loves his job – and his new life – so much.

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