A Doctor Finds Healing Through Dance

Stressed during his third year of finals in chiropractic school, Dr. Teddy Sim needed a break and discovered something that took all of his stress away for that one hour. He walked into his first Zumba class and was immediately consumed by the music, smiling faces and energy. “I will never forget the first time my Zumba Instructor called my name out in class; I almost died of excitement,” Teddy recalled. “I was so pumped that my instructor knew my name!”

The doctor was so hooked, that after graduating school, he became a licensed Zumba instructor, even though he worked full time at a clinic. He still found time to teach 13 classes a week!

But he didn’t just love the workout. He was inspired by the platform Zumba provided to change lives, educate and raise awareness through Zumbathon Charity Events.

He began hosting Zumbathon charity events to raise funds for various organizations, citing his greatest accomplishment for the LymeLight foundation.

“My partner Dean Curry passed away from Lyme disease in May 2013. He was my world and my partner, always in the front row, taking pictures and cheering me on.”

Dean’s passing was hard for the doctor. He didn’t teach or see patients for 3 months, until one day he was listening to his Zumba playlist and the song “El Amor” brought him to tears. “It made me think of Dean and how much he enjoyed this song. All I could see was his smile and, at that moment, I realized Zumba was always there to help heal my wounded heart.”

Ted remembered why he wanted to be a Zumba instructor in the first place: to help others through the love of dance and music. So he began teaching classes again.

“The love, hugs, smiling faces and wonderful positive energy from my students helped heal me. The Zumba movement has literally motivated every particle of my body and career-wise, done wonders for my chiropractic business.”

Ted has received accolades from local government figures, the University of Nevada and was also voted as one of My Vegas Magazine’s “TOP DOCTORS”, gracing the front cover of the magazine. He was also listed as “Top 100 Most Successful Men of Las Vegas,” by My Vegas Magazine.



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