A Bump in the Road

“In August 2012, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer,” says Linda Few. “And after one year of chemo treatments, followed by surgeries and radiation, I’m still standing.”

Linda is an amazing person, with a soul that radiates positivity. The licensed Zumba® Instructor was adamant about teaching and attending classes throughout the course of her treatment. Thanks to her loving husband and her supportive community, Zumba classes were a consistent part of her breast cancer story.

“My students are amazing,” says Linda. “They are more than students, they are family. They gave me a reason to get up every morning. They always wanted to see me in class, even if I wasn’t leading.”

Although Linda’s journey with breast cancer was long and unpredictable, she managed to continuously remain optimistic. She had fun playing with wigs, switching it up from blonde and curly to short and sleek. And on days she didn’t wear wigs, she created beautiful headscarves and bandanas, adorned with jewels and beads. She even had nipples tattooed onto her new breasts following a double mastectomy. But the best thing of all?

“You don’t just lose the hair on your head,” says Linda. “You lose all of your hair. And that’s not a bad thing. I never had to worry about shaving!”

Linda hopes that her story and her journey will ease the fears of those who are facing a similar situation. She says it is the fear of the unknown that is most terrifying.

“Not knowing what to expect was far scarier and painful than the actual procedures I underwent to defeat this disease,” says Linda. “In the end, it’s not so bad. I was left with ‘milkies’ that are no longer falling down and look pretty darn good!”

How’s that for a positive attitude? Cheers to our breast cancer warrior, Linda!

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