8 Insta Dance Stars

We’re all guilty of scrolling through our Instagram feeds multiple times throughout the day. Whether you follow strictly friends, fashion bloggers, foodies, or celebs, Instagram can be a great source of distraction. We’re here to turn that distraction into inspiration! Take a look at these Instagram rockstars whose moves will motivate you to get up and dance!! And if you feel like taking your living room dance party to a Zumba® class, you better shake what your momma gave you. 

1. @williamflores and Hanna Phan bring Latin flavor to this fast-paced move!


A video posted by William Flores (@williamflores) on

2. @carlitazumba shows us how to do the El Tiki with an ocean breeze.


A video posted by Carlita Soto (@carlitazumba) on

3. Woo!! @arman305 makes our hearts beat FAST!


A video posted by Armando Salcedo (@arman305) on

It’s time to feel the beat with @lianaveda and this pumped-up rhythm!


A video posted by Liana Veda (@lianaveda) on

. Can you drop low like @kaitlynmurphyzj?

@janiceg24 brings crazy-good energy to this awesome track.


A video posted by Janice Gonzalez (@janiceg24) on

7. Hello, sassy! Shake your body with @francescamariag.


A video posted by Francesca Maria (@francescamariag) on

. How cute are these mini Zumba fans?? Good moves come in small packages. @flacaespinosa

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