7k People Flocked to Orlando and It's Not For What You Think

Everyone knows Orlando, Florida for being home to Disney World, aka the happiest place on earth. But for 7,000 licensed Zumba Instructors who are a part of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZINtm)​, their happy place has another home in Orlando: The Zumba Instructor Convention. For the 8th year in a row, Zumba Instructors from every corner of the world came together for a spectacular experience that must be seen to be believed. ​ The annual Zumba Instructor Convention gives its community access to amazing new tools and programs, while serving as the hub to catch up with friends, enjoy incredible performances, and dance all day and night! Check out why thousands traveled to Florida to express their passion for dance:

​To meet the CEO and leader of the Zumba ecosystem: CEO Alberto Perlman welcomes 7,000 ZIN members during the convention kick-off session.

To learn from Ashley Judd. The Keynote Speaker discussed her passions, her beliefs and her connection with dance. She even showed off some choreo moves with her Zumba Instructor Laura Boyd!

To dance with Joe Minoso. The Chicago Fire actor, who actually has a license to teach Zumba in real life, kicked off Convention with a hot performance! 

To be inspired by Audrey Nethery. The world’s cutest Zumba fan, who lives with Diamond Blackfan Anemia, took the stage with her Zumba Instructors to show everybody that amazing dance moves come in small packages.

To be in awe of Aidan Prince and sing along to Mr. Vegas. Aidan Prince, who you might recognize from Target commercials, brought down the house with his super-impressive breakdancing skills. He was later joined on stage by dancehall megastar, Mr. Vegas, who sang hit after hit, including Heads High, Pull Up, and My Jam

To attend the hottest fitness concert in the world. Starring Zumba fitness creator Beto Perez, the Fitness Concert included performances from DJ Xenia Ghali, Prince Royce, and Yandel to name a few. The party was unbelievable!

To have an experience so unique that it can never be replicated.  7,000 people laughed, cried, smiled, and danced their hearts out. Relive all the magical moments from the 8th Annual Zumba Instructor Convention.



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