5 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Right Now

Some days, it’s tough to find a silver lining given what we hear and see in the news, or even what we experience personally. The Zumba community has always been about positivity and supporting one another. We think it’s time to start a chain of random acts of kindness, and we bet if you do one for someone, they’ll pay it forward. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Pay for the person behind you in line. Imagine how happy they’ll be when their coffee, take-out, or item has already been paid for! They might even keep it going by paying for the next person.

Compliment a friend, coworker, or stranger. This may sound obvious, but in a fast-paced world we’re often much quicker to criticize than we are to compliment. Start out by committing to pay five people a compliment each day.

Share what you can. Do you have clothes you no longer wear piling up? Kids’ toys they’re too old to play with? Leftover Halloween candy? If you have extra of something, think of those who don’t have enough. Visit a local shelter, food pantry, or donation drop-box to share your generosity with others.

Listen. When we’re in a rush, or when we’re waiting to talk, it’s easy to forget to pause and truly hear those around us. Think about someone in your life who needs to talk, and lend them your ear!

Plan a flash mob! We know you love to dance, and what would make your friends, family members, or colleagues happier than a spontaneous performance in their honor? Flash mobs are a great way to celebrate someone’s special day, or just let them know they’re appreciated.


Jennifer Lauren

Jennifer Lauren is a Zumba® instructor from New York. She blogs about teaching Zumba® classes and all things fitness at www.TheZBeat.com.



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