From Over 300 Pounds To A New Me

“After about 10 years of consistently gaining weight, and ultimately reaching over 300lbs, I had enough. Throughout my late teens and twenties, I ate horribly and led an unhealthy lifestyle that consisted of drinking, eating, and being sedentary. I remember sitting on the couch one evening and looking down at my body in disgust. I was literally uncomfortable just sitting there. My size restricted me from doing so many things, including fitting in chairs at certain places, riding roller coasters, buckling an airplane seatbelt, walking up a hill, and the list goes on and on. I was done with not living life to its fullest. I had made at what seemed at the time, a very unrealistic goal of losing 100 pounds. Never in my mind did I actually think I’d achieve that goal.

The only exercise I could physically endure at first was walking, so that’s what I did. I began walking around my neighborhood for about 30-40 minutes a few times per week. I modified my diet bit by bit. At first, I cut out soda and fast food. After about a month I began to see weight loss results and was motivated to keep going, and to push harder.

Six months after I began my weight loss journey, I moved out of state. I was truly ready for a fresh start and a new beginning. At this time, my colleague raved about how much fun she was having at a local Zumba studio. I purchased a Groupon and decided to give it a shot. After my 6 class pass was up, I knew I had to get a membership because my colleague was right— it was a blast! I began taking Zumba classes 4-6 times per week, and was really seeing changes in my body. Zumba was truly the workout catalyst to my ultimate weight loss of 135 pounds.

Although I vary my workouts almost weekly at this point, I still make sure I take Zumba at least once every week or so. It allows me to free my mind, let go, and have fun. I have recently gotten into STRONG by Zumba as well!

I never had imagined the impact my weight loss would have on my entire life. After exceeding my goal, and feeling amazing (physically and mentally) I knew that with perseverance and consistency, I could achieve any goal I set forth for myself. I have since gone on to obtain my Master’s degree and become an assistant principal. There is always a goal I am working towards and I plan to live my life that way forever. I truly believe life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

My advice for anyone beginning his or her weight loss journey is to stay consistent. Stay consistent with your food choices and your workouts.  Excuses do not burn calories!”

– Kellie Brotherton, Zumba student and goal crusher

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