2017’s Big Fitness Trends

Anyone tired of hearing ‘new year, new you’, yet? The phrase is one of the most popular ones heard each January, when the world resolves to make health a number one priority for the upcoming year. And while sticking to resolutions is much easier said than done, we know that fitness programs are here to stay.

Many blogs and news sources, including PopSugar and Thrillist, recently released their predictions for the year’s buzziest fitness trends and its inspired us to voice our own opinions. Which trends will you try in

Body Weight and HIIT Exercises
No-equipment exercises have been gaining popularity and we forecast that they are here to stay. Why? They are easy to do anywhere (repeat: no equipment) and they are effective!

Often coupled with body weight workouts, HIIT exercises are also here to stay (think short bursts of intense exercise followed by a quick period of rest).

Want to try these exercises but unsure of where to start? Try STRONG by Zumba®, a music-led program that combines body weight, HIIT, and cardio moves for a killer workout plus crave-worthy afterburn. Even the online heavy weights at Elite Daily are getting in on it, with a STRONG by Zumba challenge to start the new year off right.

Dance Cardio is Still a Thing
And it will never not be a thing. Just like going to a nightclub and dancing your heart out with your girlfriends will never grow old (even if it’s just a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence), sweating and rocking to the beat within a gym studio’s walls is still a top way to get a workout in.

The reason this form of exercise has staying power is simple: it’s just plain fun. Everybody loves music and dance is a natural expression of how music can make you feel. Plus, dancing is proven to increase your quality of life.

It’s not just a fluke that 15 million people take a Zumba® class every week.

Wearable Technology
Was a Fitbit or Apple Watch on your holiday list this year? You’re not alone. Fitness trackers have been super popular for the last few years and they continue to reign supreme.

Improving in technology and in style, there’s now a fitness tracker for everybody you know (yes, even the fashionista). But what’s new in the wearables department? More individualized and intuitive technology. For example, Vi,  earbuds equipped with an artificially intelligent personal trainer to give you advice based on your own physiology and data.

Certified Fitness Professionals
More and more people want to take their love of fitness to the next level by becoming licensed fitness professionals. It’s a great way to earn an extra income and help other people find success in their fitness journey.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau and Labor Statistics predicts that employment of fitness professionals will rise by 8% in the next 7 years.

Perhaps you’ll consider becoming a licensed Zumba® Instructor. There are lots of perks (hello, getting paid to dance) and the sky is the limit, with some instructors even making a full-time career out of teaching Zumba classes.

Exercise as Medicine
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there are many benefits to dancing (and exercising) beyond just having a good time.

Regular exercise can help you avoid many health scares, including heart disease, dementia, stroke, and even depression. Now is a good time as ever to use exercise as a preventive form of medicine, which will likely save you lots of health care dollars in the future.

Outdoor Activities
Being one with nature is no longer just for bird-watchers. Heading outdoors for many activities, like hiking or kayaking, can lead to high caloric burn and a boost in your mood!

People are taking this one step further by incorporating fitness into their vacations. Take the Zumba® Cruise for example. It’s a 5-day excursion on the seas that includes all the activities you’d want in a cruise (pools, bars, rock-climbing, entertaining shows, nightclubs, spas, mini golf, etc) PLUS non-stop Zumba classes all over the ship so you can get your dance fix in anytime you need it.


Susan Perez

Susan Perez is the Managing Editor of the ZLife blog and you can usually find her getting her sass on to Beyonce's 'Formation' in Zumba class; other loves include eating popcorn while watching 'The Voice', singing [really badly] at the top of her lungs while driving, and wearing red lipstick.



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