15 Surgeries Won’t Stop My Zumba Classes

“I was not prepared for the evening of July 10, 2002. It was raining and after a long day of work, one exit from my house, my car hydroplaned and I ran into a construction site hitting a bulldozer at 60 miles per hour. I had ten broken bones. My right foot was cut almost completely off and had to be reattached and my ankle reconstructed. After two and a half months of rehab and many screws and rods in my body, I felt like the bionic woman! But I was so happy to be alive.

Two years later, some teenagers on their way to prom ran a stop sign and hit the passenger side of a vehicle, where I happened to be sitting. I was left with a concussion, a messed up back, and a snapped ACL. Overall, I had 15 surgeries.

Having a successful career making six figures since the 80s, an active life playing competitive tennis, golf and working out six days a week, I was completely devastated. I was unable to go back to my corporate job and do the things I used to love. I had to adjust and recreate myself.

My opportunity came in 2011 when I was working as a Fitness Consultant at a Curves gym where they introduced Zumba in the circuit. I loved it and got my license to teach in 2012.

Becoming a Zumba Instructor changed my life. Through Zumba, I have been able to touch the lives of many seniors and persons with disabilities. I currently teach ten classes a week. I teach people with strokes, in wheelchairs and many up to 90+ years of age. The youngest student in my classes is four years old! I always share my story with clients and give them hope. I now walk normally and can wear heels again!

My other passion is music. I’ve been singing and playing piano since the age of two and am the Minister of Music at my local church. I often use my original song “Nothing is Impossible” as a cool-down in my Zumba classes. Now that you know my story, you can understand why that song is so near and dear to my heart.

Although my life was turned upside down in 2002, I thank God that I was able to heal and discover a new passion that allows me to inspire people every day. Thank you, Zumba.”

Linda Washington, licensed Zumba® Instructor and self-proclaimed Bionic Woman; Inspiring people through music and dance every single day

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