116 Pounds Lost, A New Me Gained

“In 2015, I made a decision to turn my life around. I was tired of being overweight, so I made a commitment to get healthier. By making changes to my diet, I lost 55 pounds, which was great but I wanted to go even further! I needed to listen to my doctor’s advice to start moving. At that point, I signed up for a seven-day-trial at a local gym and that’s when I discovered Zumba classes.

It was my first time ever feeling comfortable in a gym and feeling like I finally found my niche. The stress relief and confidence I feel now is probably the most positive aspect of this whole experience.

I’ve lost 116 pounds so far and my journey isn’t over yet. It hasn’t all been easy. Every day is a battle with food. It’s very hard on me but exercise does help me combat my cravings. Now I’m ready to conquer the next thing on my bucket list: to go on a cruise to a tropical island and love life in the sun!”

– Kati Smith, 116 pounds lighter and loving the emotional benefits

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