​Better Workouts Equal Better Sleep

Can you sweat your way to better sleep? It may sound funny, but you can. Getting in good workouts contributes to improved sleep patterns. Both exercise and sleep are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle, and if you take the right approach to exercise, detailed in our tips below, you’ll be sleeping like a baby.
Time it right. You don’t want to complete a vigorous workout and then fall right in to bed, but you can work out a few hours before bedtime to help your sleep cycle and sleep quality. Your body will have cooled by then and your heart rate will have slowed.
Cool down. Speaking of cooling the body, make sure you do a gradual cool down after your workouts, particularly in the ones in the evening. Don’t just stop abruptly and head inside; walk after running and stretch after fitness classes.
Shower. Of course you’ll want to shower anyway after a workout, but a shower is a wonderful way to bring your body temperature down and begin the relaxation process before bed. A cool shower is ideal after working out. If you’re showering before bed just to relax, go warmer on the water temperature scale.
Meditate. After your workout and before you climb into bed, do some deep breathing or meditation exercises. Along with the cool down and shower, it will lower your adrenaline levels and calm not only your body but also your mind.
Make music. Finally, turn on some soothing music or sounds of nature to help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer. Sweet dreams await you!



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