A Better Caretaker Because of Dance

“It’s been very difficult to be a single parent, but I’m so proud of how both of my kids turned out. Right now, I’m a caretaker to three people. My daughter, Sandy, is 25 and has down syndrome and congenital heart disease. My mother has dementia and my father is wheel-chair bound. Every day is a challenge for me to make sure everyone’s needs are being met. At times I think I may lose it.

When I took my first Zumba class, I fell in love with it. I felt like all my challenges were gone for that one hour. It felt like medicine to me. Having this amazing feeling, I decided to become an Instructor and pass along my happiness. I now teach 6 classes and am loving that I get to touch people’s lives every day.

I’m also filled with pride to say that the Zumba program has changed Sandy’s life. As of December 2015, she is a licensed Zumba Instructor. It’s so wonderful to have her dance by my side and watch as all the students applaud her. Having this one hour a day in our lives has helped us both tremendously. Sandy is working on a class to teach special needs students, and I can’t wait to proudly stand by her side as she does so.”

-Linda Morton, licensed Zumba® Instructor since 2013; feels like she can conquer life’s challenges through the freedom of dance

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